A TransAtlantic Towers Update

Autumn is upon us at TransAtlantic Towers (and everywhere else) so now is a good time to take stock of what’s cookin’ on site.

The apple tree is bearing fruit. The tree is only just over a year old so it’s still quite small and the fruit is as well. But the apples are still tasty.


@dungeekin undertook another another major cookery weekend to fill up the freezer with a month’s worth of meals – ragu, chili, coq au vin, pulled pork, shredded chicken, meatballs, cassoulet, curry, chicken & sweetcorn soup, and beef bourgignon. – all packaged up  in “meals for two” sizes. Also did a bit of “building blocks” freezing – mashed potatoes (they freeze very well and can be refreshed with a bit of butter and milk on the day), breadcrumbs, chopped onions, stock and the like.


We really can eat for about a month without buying more than some occasional veg after one of these weekends.

After hesitating for all sorts of reasons – some practical, some stupid and some just my usual procrastination – I have undertaken to start baking regularly. At the moment, I define regularly as once a week – which is pretty regular when your previous schedule was next to never and once every three or four months. In the past 10 days I have done the following:

  • Victoria sponge with strawberry jam and buttercream filling
  • Chocolate chip cookies – yes, from scratch. None of this pre-packaged mix nonsense
  • a batch of super quick American style biscuits
  • a loaf of soda bread


I have some things on deck for the next phase – ginger snaps and brownies. Might also do a cobbler – or as it is more commonly called here in the UK a crumble. The apple tree and rest of the trees in what I like to think of as “TransAtlantic Orchards” need pruning back for the cooler weather. And another cookery weekend is on the calendar.

At TransAtlantic Towers, we don’t just write about food and talk about food – we wade in and get our hands in it too. 🙂

One thought on “A TransAtlantic Towers Update

  1. Dadgumit, now I’m hungry!

    While I love food (and it loves me RIGHT BACK!) I am not known for cooking. My son is also a very picky eater. However, as the days grow shorter I am feeling this inspirational desire to make him a variety of comfort foods that he can look back on as an adult with misty-eyed nostalgia. Do you have any suggestions on where a non-cook can find yummy comfort food for her non-eater?
    Muchas gracias!

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