Bakergirl Bakehouse in Banbury

Lately, we’ve spent a lot of time exploring the newer spots on the local culinary landscape – a landscape that is rapidly expanding both in scope and size. Banbury is surrounded by quite a variety of easily reached delights – both culinary and otherwise. Today was a culinary jaunt – we went to Bakergirl, a relatively new artisan bakehouse open just outside Banbury.  Check out my Bakergirl review and ModParlPhotos’ pictures over on The Banburian, where you can read all things Banbury and the surrounding area.


6 thoughts on “Bakergirl Bakehouse in Banbury

  1. Absolutely a must-go venue for fantastic coffee, bread like you’ve never tasted before (cheese and marmite loaf is especially yummy), and croissants, cheese scones, Chelsea buns etc etc etc. Such an impressive barn too, with plenty of seating, a huge log burner and service with a smile from the staff.

  2. I hear the cheese and marmite loaf spoken of ALL over the place. I’m gonna have to try it next time. As for the croissant – it was like a magical magic thing FULL of magic.

    The space manages to be both vast and cozy at the same time. Log burner must have something to do with that – and the staff as well 🙂

  3. Bakergirl is one of those places that you want everyone you care about to experience. It has now become our Saturday morning venue of choice. First a shop at the super Wykham Park Fam Shop, followed by a flat white and croissant, sitting near the cosy wood burner – bliss!

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