Carrying on About Cookbooks

I saw the headline “Cookbooks to Covet” and it caught my eye.  Epi-log is very good at catching my eye and their eyes seem to see everything so by regularly checking in there, I don’t miss much. And boy am I glad I didn’t miss this one. It was a link to Abebooks roundup of 25 Beautiful Old Cookbooks

There’s something about classic cookbooks that I love – it’s not that I have anything against newer ones or current ones. Those are nice too. But there’s a nostalgia with old cookbooks (even ones that aren’t directly connected to my own personal history) that appeals to me. You can sometimes tell which recipes were the most used by the state of the pages and how it falls open. There are often notes in the margins, scraps with reminders about using this brand or that whisk and forgotten shopping lists/menus clipped to particular pages.

I now consider it a personal goal to find and at least peruse a copy of Cook and Be Cool by Marie Harrison (1928). WHAT a great title.

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