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2009 Vendy Finalists, Here I Come!

Ladies and Gentlemen, the finalists for this year’s Vendy Awards have been announced and as a proud New Yorker, I feel the need to check them out personally.  What’s that? No, not Wendy’s. I said the Vendys. You must have … Continue reading

Best(ish) Burger in NY

As is sometimes happily the case, I have come across something that fits nicely into both sides of my blogging world – food and NYC. Grub Street has gone national! Whooo-hooooo. And yet, my joy is dimmed slightly by the … Continue reading

A Gripe About Tripe

Okay, not tripe itself, but rather what it seems to represent in British Cookery today. By which I mean an almost dementedly determined return to “old fashioned school dinners” and all that entails. I may not be able to follow … Continue reading

A Guide for Guides to Gotham Grub

Fabulous Foodie is just one of the blogs I am involved in. The other is Greater Gotham. Today I thought I’d bring together and this is the result – not so much a guide to the food of New York as … Continue reading

Green Carts in Gotham

I confess, foodie friends, that on a day like today – hot, humid and grey – I don’t feel especially inspired to do much beyond delving deeply into a dish of white chocolate raspberry truffle Häagen-Dazs (the key, I am … Continue reading