Foodies on Air: Sept 4

Wearing both my Fabulous Foodie hat and my Banburian hat, I head into the Puritans Radio studio to join Peter Evan Jones for the monthly ‘Jones on Food and Travel’ show. And once again – thrilled that my fellow Fabulous Foodie, Wine Hero Patrick Loomer was there to talk wine, taste some samples and generally chat food. And we welcomed first time tasting panelist, Emma Ives who dove right in with all the enthusiasm you could want in a radio show food taster.

Running order:

0:50—20:50 Dawn Gascoigne of Travel Counsellors tells us what’s up the world of travel.

20:50—44:48 Peter shares his chat with Gemma Povey about The George and Dragon in Chacombe.

44:50—55:05  Deborah, from Banburian and Fabulous Foodie,  looks back at the Banbury Food Fair.

57:44—1:10:55 Peter’s Rosemary Shrager interview.

1:11:20—1:18:00 Peter chats about his movie premiere weekend in Dunkirk then reviews his recent trips to Michel Roux Jr.’s Le Gavroche and Raymond Blanc’s Le Manoir.

1:18:02—1:38:33 An Encore of the Savernake Knives interview.

1:38:35—1:49:18 Deborah is joined by Patrick Loomer, co-contributor to Fabulous Foodie, who is also a Wine Hero (yes, that is his real title) to talk wine.

1:50:29—2:19:43 Panel tasting (with first time panelist Emma Ives joining Deborah and Patrick) try dressings, Turkish delight and jams and flavoured crisps. And a ton of thanks to Emma who found all these awesome links:

2:19:45—2:40:00 The panel answers the question ‘Have You Tried … ?’ – another ‘Foods to Eat Before You Die list.

The ‘Jones on Food and Travel’ is on the first Monday of every month on Puritans Radio. Listen Live or click over the show landing page on The Banburian to catch up on previous installments


Jones on Food and Travel: July 3

Yesterday was the first Monday of the month and that meant a trip down to the Puritan’s Radio studio for another installment of the Jones on Food & Travel show! My role on the show is sort of two-fold. I have my own segment called Deborah Dishes on Food but I also serve as co-presenter, chief interrupter and producer of general background noise throughout the whole show.

The July show was absolutely jam packed and you can give it a listen here via the dropbox link – listen via your browser or download it for later.

Peter surprised me with the suggestion that we run down the list of local eateries as ranked by TripAdvisor, which I was happy to do. It made me realize, if nothing else, that there are a lot of places in town and in the surrounding areas that we really must try. ModParlPhotos and I are such terrible creatures of habit – we have our favourite places and dishes so we risk falling into food ruts. We really need to apply to same sense of culinary adventure we use on holiday to eating out at home. Anyway – that commentary runs throughout the show, in between some quite interesting and varied interviews. Continue reading “Jones on Food and Travel: July 3”

Foodie On The Road And On Air

Well, it’s that time of year again. Weekends spent exploring, thinking, eating, and writing about food. I said the other day, foodie festival season is now in full swing here in what the tourist guides call ‘the heart of England.’ And if you are even a semi-regular reader of this or my other blogs, you know how much I love a food fair. Of course, I’ve gone into some detail about my ‘home’ food fair – the Banbury Food Fair – and if you are a food fair aficionado, I recommend you check it out as well.

  • What I Learned at Banbury Food Fair 2016: Food fairs involve a lot of eating but it’s also about exploring, chatting and learning. The vendors at the Banbury foood fair – there are over 120 – are knowledgable and passionate about what they do. I love chatting with them. not all about actually eating.
  • Banbury Food Fair 2016 in Photos: My fave foodie photographer, @modparlphotos got some behind the scenes time at the demos in addition to snapping the stalls and we got a chance to with the chefs.

But of course, the Banbury fair isn’t until August so what is a food festival lover to do? Wait? Not on your life! The weather was beautiful this last weekend so we toddled off to the Warwick Food Fest, a relatively recent edition to the local food fair circuit (this is its third year). We were both impressed with the array of vendors, the set up and the food itself.  Some thoughts and pictures of Warwick Food Fest 2017 can be seen over on the Banburian. But serioulsy, does this not look DIVINE!


But a girl cannot live by food fair alone  Continue reading “Foodie On The Road And On Air”

Fab Foodies in the Studio!

As you may or may not know, I do a regular segment – Deborah Dishes on Food – for the now monthly ‘Jones on Food and Travel’ show on Banbury’s community radio station, Puritans Radio. This past Monday was particularly Fab Foodie relevant since my segment guest was my co-blogger and peanut butter fiend, Patrick! I’d given him the board outline and timings but little did he know he would be subjected to the new Fabulous Foodie Questionnaire! Check out clip below for his answers. (Runs 30 mins).

If you’d like to listen to the whole show, you can find it as well as previous editions at Jones on Food & Travel at The Banburian.

Radio: Food Worth Traveling For

I am quite often found – on a Monday morning – down at the Puritans Radio studio talking with Peter Evan Jones about food on the ‘Jones on Food and Travel’ program. This Monday was no exception and this week the topic was food worth traveling for.  CNN Travel made some bizarre choices – including ketchup (not a food, in my opinion, much less a food worth traveling for), buttered popcorn (another head scratcher) and potato chips (honestly?) which is what prompted this segment.

What food is so good that you would tackle traffic, airport lines and baggage restrictions to reach it? And yes, my better half – I mentioned the tapas from Bar Pinotxo in La Boqueria in Barcelona. 🙂 When do we leave?

If you’re a fan of food and/or travel, the show is on every Monday from 10-12 (UK time) and I will be posting links to the whole program as well as my segments for those who prefer to catch it later on. This week’s whole show can be heard at