Checking Out Chocolate Week

It’s semi-finals week on Bake Off – and in preparation for tomorrow’s episode, I’ve been perusing the chocolate-y challenges that the bakers will have before them. Oh and yes, I know I missed recapping Victorian and Patisserie week. I was traveling and ONLY caught up on them last night.

Signature challenge: a return to pastry but this time around it is chocolate pastry. And in case that wasn’t enough for the chocoholics in the room, said pastry is for a chocolate tart. Helllllllloooo, sailor!


Technical challenge: souffle. Enough to make one pull one’s hair out under normal circumstances but these are NOT normal circumstances. This is Bake Off and Mary has a plan to make this even harder than it would already be. And here we though Paul was the cruel one.


Showstopper: Chocolate Centerpieces are the finishing touch and I gather animals and architecture are involves. Not real animals, obvioulsy. The thing about chocolate is – it’s very fussy and even if you are cooking indoors, in a climate controlled situation, the weather can make it act funny. Imagine then the impact of weather if you are cooking in a tent. In the outdoors. Surrounded by all that “we’re shooting a TV show” lighting…

Can’t WAIT for tomorrow!

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