Chef in Training

Lots of stuff cooking this weekend at Transatlantic Kitchen.

josh cookingYoung Dungeekin Jr. – aka Sprog – is working towards his chef’s badge for scouts. Requirements state: 2 courses with the entree involving vegetables. His choice? Shepherd’s Pie and Apple Crumble. First we tackled Apple Crumble. We started with this because it’s a straightforward, dry mixing exercise, let’s him get his hands right in there. Tasks easily within grasp and building up confidence. He took to the whole creating cakey, buttery rubble thing like a fish to water. And having established that he was totally up for mixing and assembly were well within his grasp, we moved on to more involved mixing and assembly.  The Shepherd’s Pie.

Cleaning, peeling, chopping, etc. A lot of concern was expressed about the peeler. I can understand that. It’s a weird looking thing and veggies CAN be slippery while being peeled. But he took several deep breaths, did it tandem for a bit and then took over on his own. Was it quick? No. It was slow and steady – and that was JUST fine. Knife handling made all of us a tad nervous. I tend to babble when nervous so I had to leave the room so only one voice was giving instruction and very careful, details instruction was given with lots of practice holding and handling before any actual cutting occurred.

But you know what? It was fine. He’s got small hands but we took that into account with choice of knife. The veggies WERE a bit hard for someone without more strength to get through but some pre-cutting took care of that. As you can see, he tackled each step and did it with enthusiasm. I have rarely seen him THAT focused for THAT long.

washingup peeling
 onions   potatoes
mashing   meat
grating cheese

And the end results are tremendous. We all tucked in and are so stuffed with Shepherd’s Pie that dessert may well have to wait until tomorrow

crumble done



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