Cool and Creamy Summer Drinks

Hola, one and all. I see by the calendar that it is August 6th and I can report that August 6th is National Root Beer Float Day. Ah, Root Beer Float. It has the feel of a classic retro diner. To fans it says poodle skirts and bobby socks. It says “Look at me, I’m Sandra Dee!”

To me, it says something very unique. It says “Gads! Why ruin root beer or ice cream in this appalling way!”

Don’t get me wrong, I see nothing wrong with combining the cool creamy goodness of ice cream to the appropriate beverage. Affogato, anyone? Haven’t tried it? Then you, my friend, have not truly lived.

There are few things better on a warm summer evening than espresso or very strong coffee poured over a really first class vanilla ice cream. In fact — thinks about what’s in the kitchen right now — it may also be the perfect thing for for a warm summer mid-morning nosh. Back soon with more culinary holiday fun and some foodie site seeing. It’s been a while for both so there’s plenty of (here it comes) food for thought.*

*ha! I knew I’d work that phrase into the blog eventually. Sad that it took me this long.

3 thoughts on “Cool and Creamy Summer Drinks

  1. oh my god. I have to run out and buy root beer and vanilla ice cream RIGHT NOW.

    (yes, I like a good root beer float, but it has to be done right)

  2. I’ve only ever had one root beer float in my life (DAMN those parents of mine and their itinerant ways!), so can only comment that root beer is my absolute favourite soda, and that I would hesitate before ever again sullying it with ice cream.
    Hmmnnn… Root Beer Sorbet?

  3. My parents are much more egg cream than root beer float kind of people but as neither beverage was high on anyone’s list in Houston, I managed to never develop a taste for either one.

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