Cranky Pom/Cranky Apple

This is a cranky pom. It’s quite tasty. It is a drink based on the earlier cranky apple, a cocktail I made up ages ago.


One evening, I found myself with a bottle of cran-apple juice, some vodka, dash or two of lemon, and a bit of something for fizz (I believe that on that particular evening, it was lemon seltzer). Since the ingredients didn’t explode or smoke when I put them together, I drank it. Eventually I concluded that the optimal proportions were:

1/2  cran apple juice
1/2 sprite or seltzer (if you feel bubbly)
vodka to taste
lemon juice to taste
lime to taste

The cranky pom is the same as the cranky apple except I didn’t have cran-apple juice one day – all I had was cranberry-pomegranate. What they hell, I thought. … and still no explosions or smoke.

So I grabbed a bendy straw and had at it.

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