Culinary Wool-Gathering

Have Caesar dressing but no greens. So made Caesar tuna for lunch then combined w/ lemon juice & Dijon mustard into a marinade for chicken. So this is what happens when killing time while my bagel toasts. I always have tuna on a toasted plain bagel.

  • I happened to be out in the garage earlier when it once again occurred to me, “Damned we have a lot of champagne for two people who don’t drink champagne.”  We have a lot of stuff in the garage (usefully set up as a spare pantry at one end) but it’s the champagne that always strikes me as particularly absurd. I mean, – what do we DO with it? How many champagne brunches can we POSSIBLY throw? And before you say “re-gift, I confess I can’t recall where a lot of it came from so that’s a no go.  As usual in cases where I am at a loss and my better half isn’t here to pester, I turn to the internet. There I found a few cooking uses for it including a champagne sauce for the poaching of seafood, using it as part of the liquid in risotto, in syrup for fruit – even a glaze for ham (paired with vanilla) . What do you guys do when you find yourself a few too many bottles up of the sparkling stuff? This MUST be a common issue after New Year’s parties, right?
  • Had wonderful brownie this weekend at the entertainingly named Greedy Goose Pub in Moreton-in-Marsh. It was served warm and as they plated it, they added a leaf of mint between the warm brownie and the vanilla ice cream on top. The heat from the brownie sent mint into both the cake and a ice cream. It was LOVELY
  • Last night’s Great British Bake Off involved that key British classic – the trifle. I rather like trifles. They are pretty, multi-layered and oh so flexible. I may have to try making one eventually. I’ve never done it – coming from the US as I do and trifles not being quite as popular there. In fact, I have no recollection of ever having been served a trifle or seen one on a menu there. I might be wrong but no memory comes to mind. I may shoot for a slightly less than traditionally sweet one though as a) hubby is not a sweets fan as a rule and b) I’m currently going through a spice phase and a trifle seems like a good chance to play around with them.
  • Speaking of desserts – Tomorrow is both Macadamia Nut Day and Eat An Extra Dessert Day. Which to choose, which to choose … Now hold on! February is Macadamia Nut Month. If that is the case, why does it also get a DAY? A day so far from it’s month? I smell a rat. In that case, I shall go with the dessert. Or rather desserts as I am told to have an extra one. I think this will do nicely:




One thought on “Culinary Wool-Gathering

  1. 1. Invite people over who do like champagne. If you know only a few of them, invite them frequently.
    2. Brownies have greatly improved here in the last few years, and thank goodness the mint was not IN the actual brownie. Subtlety, with mint, is all.
    3. Ah, but would you include jelly in the trifle? And would you commit custard-based larceny?
    4. In my opinion, macadamia nuts are so delicious as to deserve both a month and a day. They even warrant me moving to Hawaii and setting up a macadamia nut farm. Just like Roseanna.

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