Dining Differently on Holiday

Another summer holiday is about the begin – and we’re off to France.  And though this is a self-catering holiday and we tackle the majority of meals ourselves as we do at home, the way we shop and eat during this now annual week in Brittany sets it apart from the rest of the year; not only because it is in a different country entirely. But the pace, times and types of meals we have change as well.

Breakfast is always purchased fresh in the morning – croissants and a loaf of crusty French bread (which gets us through lunch as well) with butter and jam. Now that we’ve been trying to cut down on bread, this means we’re eating more bread in a week than we normally do in a month. But – holidays are holidays and I’m not gonna sweat it. The French are very definitely on to something with this daily bread purchase though. If I am going to blow the bread limit, let it be exceptional bread and fresh to boot.

Lunch is usually a grazing, charcuterie sort of affair – cold meats, cheeses, fruit and the crusty bread along with anything else that struck during the latest trip to the hypermarket. It’s definitely different than daily lunch at home – which very often happens in front of a computer screen. Even if it isn’t, rarely would we have a week of lunch all around the table together.

Dinner is usually something grilled or simple in preparation, especially if we can get a hold of local produce (which luckily for us we usually can) and it is a more leisurely affair during holiday week. We have fruit out practically all the time anyway so there’s a bit of nibbling during prep – prep itself involves everyone more than it would normally. Normally ModParlPhotos is prepping, while I finish up work for the day and set the table – then Sprog is called from upstairs where he is tucked away doing whatever kids do up in their room. During our self-catering mobile home week, the central living space is much more communal for a greater percentage of the time than in the house (the bedrooms in the mobile home are pretty small so not a surprise there) – so there is more participation in meal prep.

The food shopping itself is different, as well. We tend to do a weekly shop at home but during the holidays – we make a bit of a thing out of going to the hypermarket so we’re there most days. We try during these shopping trips to pick things we don’t normally see at home. Shark was a notable choice two years ago but I think the idea of shark appealed to the then 10-year old more than the reality of shark. But all credit to him – he chose it and he ate it.

Afternoon snacks are more common on holiday as well – and more indulgent. There may have been occasions when ice cream happened in the afternoon AND after dinner. Shhhhh. Tell no one! I don’t know why but ice cream seems to taste better when it is eaten on a terraced café  watching ducks or sitting on a boardwalk along the beach.

And so we’re off. As noted on Greater Gotham earlier today, any discoveries worth sharing while we’re on the road will be popped up on our twitter feeds. Food related tidbits will go up on fabulous foodie’s twitter feed while travel tips and discoveries can be found on the modern parlance feed. Make sure you’re following to get the latest from the road!


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