Food … in the Eye of the Beholder

Not relevant to anything but I was just struck anew at how absolutely beautiful cocoa pods were.

And that got me thinking about the beauty of food in general. Frequently I see my facebook timeline fill up with art as people try to find a balance for the stress, bad news or uncertainty that the news (endlessly reposted and retweeted before our eyes) can bring. I can see the appeal of that but I’m a food person so I went looking for pictures of food that served the same purpose for me. Here are some of what I found.

Black forest pavlova: there’s something almost decadently gothic about it.
Pomegranate seeds: like edible rubies
carrots: in the eye of the beholder

There are so many foods – raw, fresh, whole dishes, presentations, etc – that show just how amazing and breathtaking (as well as delicious) food can be. I’ll be hunting up more soon.


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