Food News from Banbury!

I said ages and ages ago (on both The Banburian and here) that Banbury had the potential to be a real foodie hub. Now look! we’ve got not one but TWO town centre food events and we have some pretty big names coming back for repeat engagements 

April 22 is Taste of Spring, the latest addition to the town’s ever-expanding line up of events and one that sounds like a great (and delicious) way to welcome Spring back to Banbury.

Aug 19 is the annual Banbury Food Fair (and Banbury Floral and Produce show). My best advice? Come to the town centre hungry. The best way I can explain all the things on offer is to direct you to what we said about previous years ( Food Fair 2015 | Food Fair 2016 | Food Fair 2017 ).

Yes, I’ve used this as an excuse to post that picture of me at the 2016 Food Fair grinning like a loon with Jean-Christophe Novelli, who will be the featured chef at the cookery demos at this year’s Food Fair in August.

It’s exciting to see how this aspect of life in Banbury is developing. When we moved here, neither one of us really knew that much about it – myself in particular. Honestly, I’d never even heard of the nursery rhyme. But we looked around and found it a good choice for a lot of other reasons. But what we didn’t know was how much of a food scene was starting to bubble up … We saw the signs once we really settled in – but it’s gotten better and better every year. So glad we got here when we did.

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