Foodie Festival Season 2017

It’s food fairs and beer festival season and you know what that means? Yes! A food festival round up.  My favourite and one of the largest in the area is the Banbury Food Fair (Sunday Aug 20, 2017). Food to try, food to buy, drinks of all kinds, demonstrations, games, music, competitions, the floral and produce show … something for everyone. It gets bigger and better each year and admission is free. Seriously, how could you not love this sort of stuff:

And if food festivals are your thing, this whole area is where you want to be for the next few months. Other festivals a mere hop, skip and jump from here:

And because I am not at all bothered by accusations of favouritism, I will wrap up as I began – with the Banbury Food Festival. Wanna get a taste of what it’s like? Check out:

  • What I Learned at Banbury Food Fair 2016: As always, there were samples galore to try. Once we’ve nibbled your way through the first batch of booths, had lunch and then nibbled and snacked our way through the rest – the idea of dinner often never occurs to us. But it’s not all about actually eating. It’s also about chatting with people about the food they have brought, prepped, turned into art or just enjoy. It’s an incredibly social occasion and with over 120 vendors, a day full of cooking demos and foodie’s everywhere – I always learn a lot.
  • Banbury Food Fair 2015 in Photos: Food, people who love food, people who are selling food, talking about food, preparing food. Bliss.
  • Banbury Food Fair 2016 in Photos: Modern Parlance Photos got some behind the scenes time at the demos, snapped the stalls and we got a chance to with the chefs.
  • Dogs of Banbury: Food Fair Edition: because dogs love a day out as well and they really love the smells coming from the various stalls.

I don’t know about you but after all this talk of food festivals, I need something to eat. I’m gonna mark all these on my calendar and raid the fridge. Suggest you all do the same.

3 thoughts on “Foodie Festival Season 2017

  1. The Banbury Food Fair is fab! Excellent taste / buying experiences and great atmosphere.

    August is so long to wait – I’m heading to the Daylesford Summer Fair this Saturday to keep me going! #Tasty

  2. Excellent idea – and I totally agree with you about the wait being too long. We headed off to the Wariwick food festival today. Naturally my fave festival is Banbury but Warwick (which is now in year three) was a terrific day out.

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