Foodie News Peruse: Jan 22 Edition

Yes, it’s that time again – time to scan the news for headlines and stories that will whet appetites, cause giggles and spark ideas.

But first, I must share my excitement of my recent purchase (from Doodledash, in Banbury). They are words that I absolutely live by, so I knew I had to have it.

OK, so on to the news:

  • The Power of Circles in Food and Drink (from Atlas Obscura): We’ve all heard about how central the sense of smell is to the act of and experience of eating – but we ‘eat’ with our eyes as well.
  • Fight over cheesecake portion leads to arrest (from Tuscaloosa News): Cheesecake is SERIOUS business. Also – top tip in the last paragraph.
  • Why Do Fruitcakes Last So Long? (from Mental Floss): For me, that’s not really a question. Or rather, it’s not a difficult question. They last that long because very few people actually like them, so they end up hanging around like a guest that won’t take a hint. What the story actually examines is ‘Why do fruitcakes remain edible for so long?’ and as you might have guessed – it’s the booze. But worth a read just to see how long ‘LONG’ actually is in the life of a fruit cake.
  • Is this the future of food? (from BBC Good Food): I’m interested in food. I am interested in gadgets. But this article – which seems to leave the ACT of cooking out of the future of food all together – makes it all sound very dreary.
  • Inside Amazon Go, a Store of the Future (from New York Times): I know there will be many articles about this – but you know, I’m not convinced this is as massive an innovation as they are making it out to me. It’s just another version of a self-checkout process. Neil and I aren’t far off that when we go to the grocery store and use the ‘smart shop’ options, not from a process and logistics point of view. We go in – either grab a blipper or log in the blipping app on our phone. We pick and ID the good, we do the check out and we go. Unless there is booze requiring a person to acknowledge that we are both of age – we never deal with staff at all. What they end up DOING with the technology that makes it possible – that will be the thing to watch.

And finally, not so much news but definitely giggle-worthy: Who knows what goes on in that cupboard when we aren’t looking. A deliciously funny clip of Michael McIntyre.

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