Gotham-Related Goodies

The Sound of Manhattan In Spring: Ah, NYC in the Spring. Lobby doors are open and the gentle sound of doormen follow you down the street. Just head a lobby full of guys slavering over flier for horrifying new KFC sandwich – the Double Down – that uses fried chicken in place of bread. Seriously, the thing looks like a heart attack waiting to happen.  Midtown Lunch makes the point that even “If KFC’s ‘Double Down’ Kills Us, At Least We’ll Go Down Smiling.” Way to look on the bright side, guys 🙂

From the “No One Asked Me But . . . ” File: is Peter Luger’s really the ideal place (from a PR standpoint) to hold discussions about the state’s budgetary woes? Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Peter’s Luger’s but it seems to strike the wrong note.

According to Eater NY (one of my fav site seeing stops): McDonald’s Germany has just introduced cupcakes inspired by four different neighborhoods in New York City. That may well be but I don’t know which New York they based their theme on – it’s not any NYC I recognize. Why does Soho girl look like she took a wrong turn at Ohio? Chelsea man? Not in that shirt and those jeans, my friend.

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