Great Culinary Content Worth Revisiting

5 years ago, Mark Bittman, who wrote the New York Times Minimalist column for 13 years* and author of How to Cook Everything posted a column entitled: ‘Summer Express: 101 Simple Meals Ready in 10 Minutes or Less.’

summer_foodIt’s the kind of column that, back in the pre-internet days, you clipped and saved. The kind of column you found it years later, yellowed, tucked into a cookbook or taped into a spiral notebook with other clippings. The only thing that has changed now is that you can save it electronically. Of you can still print it instead of clip it but now you can save it as a PDF, email it to yourself, or bookmark it. No yellowing to be found.

Regardless of how you save it, it is the kind of column one returns to again and again. When one is peckish, needs inspiration, has far too much fruit on hand and no idea what to do with it, can’t bear the thought of standing next to the stove much less turning it on, etc. It was awesome then and it is awesome now.**

But that’s not the real reason I mention revisiting it. No, the reason I mention going back and revisiting it is the comments. Bittman provided 101 simple, quick and easy meals (and in some cases, more accurately snacks that will do when it’s just too damned hot to eat) but the comments provide HUNDREDS more.


Bookmark it. You won’t be sorry.

* The last column was a great look at how the Minimalist began, evolved & what it involved.

** Lucky for us, all the New York Time has kept the Minimalist Archives up, available for reference & review.


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