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Good morning and welcome to the latest edition of the Fabulous Foodie News Peruse, wherein I am sorry to report that I am a tad grumpy. I know, I know, I was grumpy this weekend over the lack of cheese at the Chili and Cheese festival this weekend. I moved on from that, honestly. My current grumpiness is due to birds eating all the remaining cherries off the tree and both the pear tree and the plum tree seem to have … stalled somehow. Fruit is there, it looks ALMOST right. But it’s taking ages and ages to actually ripen.

So to kill time until harvest, a news peruse.

13 Genius S’mores Hacks for the Summer (via they aren’t HACKS! They are variations, swaps, additions. A hack is a solution or fix to a problem or variant use. You’re still using the s’more for the same thing and using it the same way. There wasn’t a problem with the original s’more that needed to be fixed. I get so aggravated with the vast overuse of this word. Not just with food – but in other areas as well, article that talk about ‘hacking a dresser’ by painting it, etc.

This is not to say that food hacks do not exist. They do. Like this. How To Turn Any Vegetable Into Rice. The ‘problem’ here is the carb-filled nature of rice. The hack is taking something that is not rice-like and not commonly (until recently) used in the same way as rice – cauliflower – and making it more rice like and therefore a reasonable substitute that fixes the ‘problem.’

Restaurant Is Giving Customers ‘Instagram Packs’ With Their Dinner (via  Making a note to never, ever go here. You think I was grumpy when I ranted about the impact of social media on the popularity and creation of some foods? I’d be even worse if I was seated in this place. And I am in good company – have you read Resisting the Influence of Social Media’s Biggest Pushers (via Do.

Speaking of Eater, I know everyone has already jumped on them about the whole mince on toast thing – it even has a name: #mincegate. But let me make very clear – I have absolutely no objection to mince on toast. Or pasta on rice or cauliflower rice or anything else you like. Seriously, when it comes to mince, I am very live and let live. It’s a lesson many could benefit from learning. What I quibbled with – as did the majority of responders – was the idea that said mince on toast was some sort of iconic (quintessential, was their word) British comfort food. Beans on toast, yes. Mince on toast? A nation raised an eyebrow and said, ‘Um. No.’ Of course some people got rather more heated about it and it made the whole Nigella’s carbonara kerfuffle look like a burst of heavenly harmony. But like with the word hack – it’s the inaccuracy of language that annoys. Not the food itself.

Whew. I was grumpier than I thought. Possibly it’s the hunger talking. I promise to eat something before my next news peruse 🙂

2 thoughts on “Grumpy Old Lady News Peruse

  1. I find mince, and all suet and/or candied fruit related things to be beyond repulsive. Which level o’ Hell came up with these things must have been out of desperation and lack of refrigeration. The continuation of their production is simply beyond my comprehension. (Hard sauce can stay. I’m certain it’s the only reason anyone’s ever managed to choke down a Christmas pudding.
    I adore beans, and toast, and beans on toast.

    I completely agree with you about the annoyance created by the omnipresence of “hack”, and I haven’t even gotten to the s’mores part yet! I would say that food has always been about “hacks”, in that we substitute one thing for another all the time.
    Peeling with a spoon, slicing with wire, cooking on a bottle, turning a metal trash can into a smoker.

    Come to think of it, I guess we “hack” everything! We turn things into other things all the time.

    So…back to s’more.

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