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July, as I am fond of reminding everyone, is ice cream month. At least it is in the United States and it has been since being proposed in Congress and signed into existence by presidential proclamation by Ronald Reagan in 1984.

President Reagan, who rather liked his sweets, also declared that the third Sunday in the month would be National Ice Cream Day. Now this may strike some as overkill but I’m not sure such a thing is possible with ice cream. I mean, I could go on and on about the stuff with no difficulties whatsoever as you can see – You Scream, I Scream. We All . . . Well, You Know.

To mark the occasion of Ice Cream Month (and I disregard the national part because to me – ice cream knows no boundaries), the news peruse will be ice cream themed.

The Best Sweet Use for Your Smoker? Smoked Ice Cream (via Serious Eats) — Look, I like ice cream. Like eating ice cream, making ice cream, planning new flavours of ice cream but I gotta admit, smoking cream to make smoked ice cream is a culinary bridge too far for me. If life is too short to stuff a mushroom (Shirley Conran’s second best line) , it is certainly to short to faff around with smoking cream. Has anyone done it and cooked with the resulting smoked cream? Does it make a difference worth the effort?

Everyone loves an internet list and I am no exception  so it was with great joy (and anticipation of delightful disagreement) that I saw Huffington Post’s The Best Summer Ice Cream Flavors Of 2017. I am completely onboard with the Vietnamese Iced Coffee flavour ice cream (as I would be for nearly any coffee ice cream that genuinely tasted of coffee – and that is the key thing, since many of them fall short in this regard). But I must confess – nay proclaim! – I am over the whole salted caramel thing and it was my understanding that everyone else was burned out on it too. That’s why I found it so surprising that even now, 2 of the 12 flavours on this list involve salted caramel.

I won’t go on another rant about social media driven snacking – even if ice cream is central to so much of it (freakshakes, cotton candy cloud cones, et) because you can always go see the first social media driven snacking rant. But I can see myself getting quickly hooked on ice cream curly rolls aka Thai ice cream rolls. They have been popping up everywhere these days – from London to Los Angeles.


And finally – something isn’t so much news as worth of note. As part of a summer eats round up, the New York Times has produced a ‘handy dandy, all in one place’ guide to making ice cream – details on each of the main types of ice cream base along with tips on ice cream maker options (I have one but use it only for some ice creams), using different sweeteners, playing with a wide variety of toppings. Really, a useful resource and one to add to your bookmarks for ongoing reference.

So – now that you’ve got the scoop*, go forth and enjoy some creamy goodness and stay cool.

* I can’t help it. Between Patrick the Prince of Puns and ModParlPhotos who never met a play on words he wouldn’t make – I pun by association

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