In the Pie of the Beholder

Today is National Pie Day in the US. Now, there are a lot of culinary observances during the year – and I note many of them myself. But this one particularly charms me. Why?

Because it was just some individual deciding to make it so. Not a committee. Not an official industry group. Just a guy named Charlie. See Back in the mid-70s, Charlie Papazian– nuclear engineer, teacher, founder of the Great American Beer Festival, and pie lover – declared to his students that his birthday, January 23, would ever more be known as National Pie Day. He just really loved pie.

Eventually it became THING enough that people noticed in 1986, the American Pie Council (did you even know there was such an entity?) took on sponsorship of Pie Day and that is where we are today.


What is your favorite type of pie? Cherry sits quite happily at the top of my list if it is my mother’s pie. But I am not opposed to a good apple pie (as long as the apples still have some structural integrity). Hmmm … I would appear to be a bit of a pie fussbudget. Never mind – cut me another slice!

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