Merry Macaroon Day!

I suppose the only proper way to celebrate Macaroon Day would be with the most wonderful macaroons you could lay your hands on.

macaroonNow, it just so happens that the most wonderful macaroons you could lay your hands on (and I brook very little debate or argument on this) is a particular bakery in Rome – specifically the bakery with no sign on the door at the corner of on Via del Portico d’Ottavia (on the corner across from the school). I don’t know the actual name of the place. No one I know knows its name or at least no one I know has every used it in talking about the place and there’s no sign any way. *

All you need to say is ‘the  burnt bakery’ or the ‘bakery in the ghetto’ and everyone knows where you mean. This is it, in all its signless glory (and possibly the one and only time I have seen it without a line winding out the door.

And the macaroons? DIVINE.

* OK, a bit of research reveals the name is either Antico Forno del Ghetto or Pasticceria “Boccione” Limentani but I can almost guarantee no one will ever call it either of those in conversation and you will never need to know the name.

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