Nadiya’s British Food Adventure (review, ep 1)

Anyone who followed this blog during Nadiya’s GBBO season will know how delightful I found her.  Her face was expressive to an almost lunatic degree; her choice of bakes (methods, ingredients, etc) always pushed things a little further but (unlike some) not just for the sake of pushing – because she wanted to know how it would work, she wanted to try a new taste. Her passion and love of food and baking was infectious.

Nadiya during GBBO

So I was thrilled when she won that season and thrilled again when the BBC sent her off on the two part Chronicles of Nadiya so she could explore (and we could go with her) the recipes that laid the foundation for that passion and love of food. She always came off as very natural, if a bit nervous (and who could blame her) on GBBO and her shift from contestant to cookery presenter did nothing to dim that naturalness.

And so last night, Nadiya returned with her second show, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure and I am happy to report that she is still as natural as can be, the face still as expressive as ever and her enthusiasm for her topics on full show.

Nadiya on her new show, Nadiya’s British Food Adventure on BBC Two

  • There were handy tips – aiming for breadcrumb sized results from rubbing butter and flour together? Tap the bowl onto the counter a couple of time and the larger clumps will come to the top so you can crumble them down to size.
  • A bit of competitiveness – racing the most awkward looking asparagus picking machines
  • Also a bit of innuendo about how large asparagus can get in a day – an innuendo I put COMPLETELY down to my gutterish mind and not Nadiya who probably has considerably more class than I do about that sort of thing. I was snorting like a 12 year old.
  • Food that made me want to go through the TV such as the absolutely scrumptious looking smoked haddock and cheese on toast. Sure the Eton mess cheesecake was beautiful and I am sure it was delish, but cheese will win with me every time.

What? You need a downside for balance? Fine – I will spend all eight episodes gnashing my teeth jealously at her near perfect complexion and her ability to carry off and shine in colours that would make me look like a Mardi Gras float gone wrong. There. Are you happy now?

Was this ground breaking TV? No. Of course not. You want ground-breaking TV? Go see what’s on Netflix.  This was a very well-done cookery show, made within a well-established and successful structure (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it) and presented by a woman who has come to it via her skills, a genuine interest in the topic and desire to share with others. There’s nothing else I could possibly want in a cookery show presenter and Nadiya delivers all that and does it with the most amazing smile.

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