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We are less than a month away from the Banbury Food Fair so as you can imagine all I really want to do is focus on that – and what a lot to focus on! Over 120 vendors, a full day of chef demos, vintage tea room, the flower and produce show … But that’s not until August 20 so what are some of the food headlines that caught my eye lately and what’s on the foodie ‘to be read’ pile these days? Cake, coffee and crumble as it happens.

Cake!  Sainsbury’s suggests a giant scone cake and naturally I had to check it out. I like scones and I like cake so this should be a slam dunk, right? But scaling stuff up doesn’t just make it bigger. It can have an impact on consistency and texture as well. I haven’t made this (yet) but I am ever so slightly concerned that it’ll be quite dense and maybe a bit dry. That said, when I posed this quandary on the facebook group, Ellyn (who I would trust on any baking question) said she used to make a strawberry shortcake using a scone-like lemon biscuit back in her pastry chef days. So maybe this needs to move higher up my to do list?

Coffee! It’s now a summer ritual – stories about transforming iced coffee into ‘something AMAZING!” ut if you need to transform your iced coffee into … whatever it is you need it to be, maybe you’re just not that into iced coffee. Or maybe you need to try better coffee? I don’t know but people seem to work really hard to raise the iced coffee stakes and I honestly can’t see why. The magic (for me) is in the simplicity of the stuff. So you can imagine my reaction to the suggestion in Epicurious that maple syrup was the way to go to sweeten iced coffee. Furthermore, I take exception to the idea that sugar syrup is difficult. Kettle –> hot water + sugar = done.

Crumble! I’m all about upping the fruit context of my diet is summer and I do love peaches! So was very excited to see this booze-soaked, baked peach and ginger cake delight – it looks absolutely scrumptious but … (you knew there’d be a but, right?) I think I’d make a couple of small changes. One for texture and one for time.

  1. I’d try it infusing the double cream and whipping it instead of just pouring it over … that seems like the culinary equivalent of not finishing a hem
  2. not sure I’d waste the food processor on crumbling the cake – can do that by hand but maybe that’s my natural inclination to avoid having to clean appliances.

The Foodie To Be Read Pile

And now I must fly – I have an awful lot of foodie reading to get sorted out for my fast approaching holiday. It’s not ALL food related but a lot of it is.

  • Cake: A Global History
  • Ten Restaurants That Changed America
  • The Language of Food: A Linguist Reads the Menu
  • An Edible History of Humanity
  • A Curious History of Food and Drink
  • The Great Typo Hunt: Two Friends Changing the World, One Correction at a Time – see, I told you it wasn’t all food

I shall add these to the already heaving shelves of the Fabulous Foodie library upon my return. I may have to do a post or two about my terrible inability to resist buying books, particularly books on my favourite topics.


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