On Air

Over a year ago (how time flies!), photographer and travel writer Peter Jones took to the airwaves with a new show ‘Jones on Food & Travel.’ I’d have listened just for the stories he tells but luckily, I was also asked to come in to do my own food segment – ‘Deborah Dishes on Food.’  It must have gone well because I was soon a full on co-presenter.

I still have my own segments (frequently done in conjunction with Patrick) but now I am also involved in interviews, travel coverage, local food & events news (for which I don my Banburian hat in addition to my foodie hat) and food tastings. Tasting days are my favourite days. We’ve tried everything from cheese to Caribbean food, fish and chips to pork pies – and quite a lot of chocolate.

If you’ve got the travel bug or are curious about all things culinary, check out the show on the first Monday of each month from 10am-1pm on Puritans Radio, where you can listen live. You can also listen to the last few installments on the show’s landing page at The Banburian.