One-Ingredient Ice Cream?

bananaicecreamBanana Lovers, I come bearing a fabulous, simple and delicious new way to enjoy your favorite fruit. One-Ingredient Ice Cream. Yes, you read right. I’m a banana fan and I am an ice cream fan when I saw that bananas were the one ingredient in one-ingredient ice cream, I knew I had to try it.

I shall start with the basic process — freeze a banana until solid, then stick it in a blender until creamy. I imagine some quality time in the freezer after that just to help “set” it – not unlike the custard ice creams of my past (my espresso ice cream for example). Once I master that, I shall see what I can do to “complex it up a bit.” Of course, then, it’s no longer one ingredient but that’s OK.  I doubt adding say – chocolate chips would make it that much more complicated.

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