Post Heat-Wave Cool Down

The temps finally cooled off and it was a toss-up as to what living things at TransAtlantic Towers were the most grateful: the plants, the cats or the humans.

  • The plants were largely OK because I made a point of ensuring it. Of course we bought a whole bunch of new herbs on the first day of the heat wave – got them re-potted that day too before it got too brutal out. Over the next few days of top temps, I was fully committed to keeping the new plants watered – so the thyme, mint, sage, rosemary and chili plant all came through it unscathed and were kept as cool as possible.
  • The cats don’t really care to be watered so I refrained. They managed to find cool dark places to hide between the hours of 10am and about 6 or 7pm every night. They complained but they kept eating and drinking water so they were clearly not in any sort of heat distress.
  • So I am casting my vote for the humans – who did the best we could with fan placement and adopting the Summer Sun Approach to Eating.

As it was a topic very much on my mind during the recent heat wave, I posed a question on the Fabulous Foodie facebook group: what foods to you use to keep cool? The answers were deliciously diverse.

  • Patrick said his choice was homemade lemonade, which I must admit sounded hugely refreshing. Apparently he and Alexia both prefer their lemonade on the sour side – and upon reflection, I think I agree with them since that, in my mind, has a crisper taste than anything too sweet.
  • Merritt might not have realized at the time but when she said, ‘light grilled proteins with lots of hot spices and crunchy cold veggies,’ she was basically describing my dinner plans from June to Sept.
  • Tara made the hugely sensible suggestion of turning everything into popsicles – and I totally would have followed that up then and there but she distracted me by also mentioning sesame noodles and for about an hour, all I could think of was how much I missed cold sesame noodles (they aren’t really a thing here in the UK). Naturally, she had a handy dandy recipe to hand from the NYT.
  • Popsicle-maker extraordinaire Alexia did bring us back to the topic of popsicles with the savoury suggestions of chicken soup or pico de gallo popsicles. That is certainly food for thought next time the temps go up – especially as ModParlPhotos isn’t huge on sweets.
  • Cold brew coffee got many cheers – and rightly so, few cheer louder for that choice than I.
  • Ms Bulldog Bistro & Bakery chimed in with watermelon, feta and mint salad for dinner with maybe some shrimp thrown in. I say yes to shrimp thrown into almost anything. Well, maybe not popsicles …

What do you eat to keep cool?

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