Social Media-Driven Snacking

I have heard it said that the internet is all about cats. I won’t refute that suggestion – I mean, how could I? Considering how my better half & I pummel everyone with pictures and tales of our felines, to do so would be the HEIGHT of hypocrisy. But in among all the cat memes and LOLcats – there’s a lot of food material as well. And that’s what I am thinking about today – specifically I am thinking about foods that seem to come into being to serve social media.

What do I mean? I mean thinks like freakshakes.

Would freakshakes have been anything more than an isolated incident or a culinary blip if social media didn’t exist? Seriously – apart from being perfect for grabbing attention on Instagram, what have freakshakes got going for them? I might say the same about those appalling rainbow bagels.  I mean, why would you develop such a thing EXCEPT for the visual impact?

So I’m now pondering ways that social media (not just Instagram but the rest too – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, blogs, etc.) has has impacted the development of food and food trends. Not just the appalling ones such as freakshaes and rainbow bagels – but things like the craze for macarons? Surely some of that is down to how colourful and beautiful displays of macarons are and how many pictures of them can be found everywhere.

Any thoughts?

2 thoughts on “Social Media-Driven Snacking

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