Tarting Up Weekend Leftovers

I may or may not have mentioned that @dungeekin (taking cues from Heston Blumenthal) made triple cooked chips the other night. If I did not mention it, it’s quite likely because I was far too busy stuffing my face with the amazing meal in which the chunky chips featured. Behold!

Anyway, it was delicious but that’s not why I mention it today. I mention it today because it led to another discussion about using leftovers.

In the course of conversation, dungeekin mentioned that the chips (while a bit faffy but totally worth it) did leave him with rather a lot of cut up potato leftover and he didn’t want to waste it. We determined that the best thing to do was google some ideas for using them up the next morning. We then sat down to digest and watch a bit of River Cottage.  I can’t recall exactly what episode of which series – but I think it was one of the Winter’s on It’s Way episodes and Hugh did a sort of “use your leftovers to make a tartiflette” dish using leftover potatoes! SERENDIPITY! That’s what we decided would happen to our leftovers. More on that later once said tartiflette is underway. But it ties in with my recent focus on leftovers since it uses any number of things we often have lying about waiting to be used up:

  • a couple of  bacon rashers
  • some bits of cold ham, cut into small strips
  • cold cooked potato (baked, boiled or even roasted)
  • a slice or two of thickly sliced bread (which I confess we do NOT have at the moment but which will be replaced today with GORGEOUS cheese and mustard scones from Bakergirl. Yes, the same Bakergirl I wrote about the other day.)
  • some cheese
  • a few salad leaves

In fact, here’s the recipe from the show:  Tartiflette Toastie. It’s a slightly deconstructed version of the classic dish – and frankly, I rather like the deconstructed nature of it. Makes it even more perfect as a way to round out a casual weekend at home.

You can even make it more “leftover” focused by tossing some homemade breadcrumbs on it or tossing in shredded chicken from a previous meal’s roast. I’m totally adding this to my next of “Looking at Leftovers: Bread” post. And quite frankly to my “Looking at Leftovers” Potato” post when I get to that.

Full report on the tartiflette to follow.

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