Transatlantic Towers Culinary Round Up

There’s been a lot happening here at Transatlantic Towers – much of it being of a culinary nature so I offer this round up of links, thoughts and passing fancies.

As regular readers will know, @dungeekin enjoys making bread but you may not know that he has been experimenting with various flavoured breads. Behold the latest in that effort:


The crust is always an important aspect of bread results for him (and for me as the official Transatlantic Bread Tester). So it was with great interest that I read “Rustic White Bread from a Bread Cloche” over on The Kitchn (if you don’t know the Kitchn, do check it out. Useful and inspiring). I’ve never used a bread cloche and if the results are as reported, it might be interesting to give it a go. I like the DIY options discussed in the comments as well. After all, if I can do the same with a dutch oven and a pizza stone, no need to splash out the cash on a new gadget. New gadgets in the kitchen always make me think of that Alton Brown advice about ensuring everything in the kitchen can do at least double duty and shunning what he calls unitaskers (with the exception of the fire extinguisher).

Speaking of Alton Brown – I’ve been going back and re-watching a lot of Good Eats. Damn, that’s a good show.  Also, I have to say – I love his Best Thing I Ever Made segments. The one I think made my mouth water the most was the Mushroom Stroganoff (ah the joys of YouTube when you live far away from US cooking channels) Love mushrooms!

Still, one can’t sit in front of the TV or computer screen all day. One must get out and about once in a while so next weekend we’re off to the Thame Food Festival and the Shipston Food Festival. Going to those types of things is always interesting for food folks. A) You’re surrounded by other food folks and quite likely they are doing things or using ingredients you have not yet used so you can not only get ideas but pick the brains of other food folks.  Last weekend was also a bit of a culinary explore – stopped by Daylesford Farm Shop where we stared in amazement at the size of the meringues, stood in awe of the breads and considered ideas prompted by the many herbs and oils on display.

That evening, exhausted from our adventures we relaxed by – what else – puttering about the kitchen, re-orging the spice/herbs cabinet and then @dungeekin produced a Sunday dinner like this:


Another thing that will be happening soon is the transition of a few of the herbs from back garden to window sill for the winter. Space is the main issue so we won’t be moving all them. Just three key herbs that we use the most and which can reasonably be expected not to try and take over the kitchen windowsill.

We’re trying to be good about how we use the space in the kitchen (and we are lucky in that there are quite a few cabinets) so we cleared out and organized the herb/spices. The tinned, boxed and jar-stored staples also got a check but it really wasn’t until we started re-arranging the cookery equipment itself that Miss Thing decided we needed closer supervision:

cabinet cat

I don’t know that our work was up to her standards – she didn’t LOOK impressed. But then, she is a cat.

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