What’s Cookin’ at TransAtlantic Towers?

A whole lot of eatin’ has been happening at Transatlantic Towers lately. I mentioned earlier, in relation to National Pasta Day, that Dungeekin had sallied forth and made a magnificent seafood linguine– salmon and prawns specifically. But this was just one of his latest culinary explorations.

  • He has delved into amazing and delicious ways to clean out the fridge that resulted in Chicken a la Fridge-Clearout.
  • He has pushed the limits of gravity as well as the capacity of the human mouth with his doubledecker, cheese-inside “I Can Haz Cheeseburger Despite Being in the UK” burger.  He is, even as I type this, working on schnitzel and anticipating many many wiener jokes.*
  • He has attempted to replicate the IKEA meatballs we indulge in whenever we wander those flat-packed halls. And while they were not exactly the same, I have to say they were right up there on my “yes, let’s make it again” list.
  • He made his much talked about lasagne – and in all frankness, I had my doubts when I first saw it. It was not as solid as lasagnes I am used to. It was more like a loose lasagne bake. Gloopy might be the best way to describe it. But it tasted marvelous. We are a cheese-centric household and this lasagne was heavy on the cheese and sauce (hence the sloppy nature of it). With all that, who cared if it held together!

My plan is to keep you updated as dungeekin continues to explore the boundaries of his kitchen, our cookware and the bounty of local shops. My other plan is to keep eating. YUM!

* This post was interrupted by the cry of “dinner!” and I have now tried the schnitzel. I shall call it Slightly Spicy Schnitzel until such tie as he calls it something else because it was perfectly done and had the slightest hint of cayenne in there for “punch.”

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