World Milk Day. One of Many Days

Today is World Milk Day – not to be confused with National Milk Day in the US.

bottle-and-glass-of-milkActually a lot of countries have a national day devoted to milk but the FAO picked June 1 to bring everyone together on the assumption that no one would mind a second day spent talking ‘moo-juice’ (as my uncle Allen would say). Of course, they also declared the last Wednesday in Sept each year to be World School Milk Day so it’s possible that the folks at the FAO have a TEENY milk obsession.

But never mind that – Did you know that milk is one of the most commonly thrown away/wasted foods by households in developed world? Of the roughly 360,000 tonnes of waste milk that is poured down British drains each year, almost half of it is  designated as “avoidable waste” – the result of too much being served. The rest is discarded for being sour or past its sell-by date. Which reminds me – we’ll have a “sell by/best by date” discussion at some point as well because other than baby food, none of those days are regulated or consistently defined. Recipe for confusion!

So, what do you do if you are a small but busy household where the milk is only half used by the time you realize the date was a week ago and it’s smelling a bit odd? You either buy smaller containers of milk or you find a way to use more. The latter does not mean you must drink an extra glass every day. In fact, most adults I know don’t drink glasses of milk at all. Most of the milk here at TransAtlantic Towers goes into coffee, baked goods or white sauces. Just use milk in additional ways.  Make rice puddings, soups, poach some fish – make a panna cotta. You can even use the milk once it’s “gone off” if you’re gonna be baking. WOrks well in lots of biscuits, muffins and breads.

Or – buy the smaller container.

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