Yes We Can (Eat Like A President)

What is on the menu for the Obama inaugural luncheon in Washington next week? Well, first of all you should know that they meal has a theme: Abraham Lincoln and ‘The New Birth of Freedom.’ Really? OK —  if historians tell me that Lincoln liked seafood I’ll take their word for it but he might take a very different view of “seafood stew in puff pastry.”  I’d love to know what Mary thought. Still, I don’t mean to quibble on what should be a happy occasion. I merely point out the facts and let you decide how to use or ignore them. So, the menu:

  • seafood stew in puff pastry (why ruin a perfectly good stew with puff pastry?)
  • a “brace of birds” as Abe Lincoln would have said but which we call duck and pheasant (served with sour cherry chutney)
  • molasses sweet potatoes (can someone explain to me the appeal of sweet potatoes? I just don’t get it.)
  • apple sponge cake (which sounds absolutely delightful and which I shall try bext time the urge to bake strikes)
  • and California wines (which doesn’t tell us much beyond the fact that someone at the end of the meeting remembered not to order French or Australian wines)

I approve of this menu (except for the puff pastry and the sweet potatoes but it is a democracy so to each his own). And I am not the only one with presidential grub on their minds. Not by a long shot.

All great stuff – and it’s making me hungry so if you all would excuse me . . .

3 thoughts on “Yes We Can (Eat Like A President)

  1. I suppose the seafood stew with puff pastry is really just a chicken pot pie, only without the chicken, but with molluscs and crustacea instead. i still blame that course for the collapsing senators, though…..

  2. Speakinf of the inaugural luncheon, does anyone else find there to be an almost eerie resmeblance between Diane Feinstein and Ina Garten?
    AS for the Bush menu with the lobster pie and the “charteuse” of vegetables, there seemed to be an awful lot of puff pastry going on there……

  3. no, I don’t see the resemblance. I mean, apart from the fact that they are both sturdy brunettes on the short side. Diane is far more peevish looking than Ina.

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